Oracle Database Development

One Design for All Platforms

Synergy MSP has 15+ yrs experience in Oracle versions 9i, 10g and 11g in Windows and UNIX environment. With Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) on board, we have a team of dedicated professionals for system design, upgrades, and maintenance. They are adept in developing schemas, tables, triggers, indexes, sequences, constraints, functions and procedures. Our clients are our priority and we take time in comprehending business requirements and accordingly develop database models. We provide optimal design solutions to improve system quality and efficiency.

  • Full command over advanced and complex SQL / PL/SQL (SQL Plus), DML, DDL.
  • Store procedures, triggers, snapshots, PL/SQL code for better performance
  • Creation of ASP, ASP .Net, PhP and XML interfaces with Oracle database.

Our team of professionals follow best practices for database design, perform capacity analysis and oversee database tuning. Maintaining technical documentation, writing complex codes and queries and participating in code reviews are all included in our work schedule. Our team has expertise in writing ETL codes, updating SQL statements, creating shell scripts., developing monitoring tools to report any system events, performing design review, modifying codes and testing upgrades.

Oracle Database Development

Building a better web to deliver the best user experience.

Oracle Database

Creating Packages for better PL/SQL code performance (Memory pinning). PL/SQL error handling and writing custom error codes. (VLDB) of 2+ Terabytes - handling large datasets with over 200 Million rows. Logical and physical concept of database design and data warehouse and data mart implementation (Kimball Methodology).

Designing of Star and Snowflake schema using dimensional modeling to extract data from various source tables. ETL using SQL*Loader and TOAD.

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