Why Choose Voice Over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP), as a business phone technology and service, has improved enormously in the last number of years, with many businesses switching from traditional telecom providers to hosted VoIP providers. Everything from sound quality, reliability and customer service have played a part in contributing to business owners’ decision to begin focusing on VoIP for Business. With the quality and growth of high speed internet, it can be deduced that Voice over IP is being incorporated by businesses of all sizes worldwide.

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Synergy MSP VOIP Features

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Affordable Pricing

VoIP services enable users to communicate with one another either for free or at drastically lower call rates than regular providers, as long as they are connected to the Internet. Through our strong partnership with Avaya, we deliver cost effective, scalable solutions to small to mid-size businesses.

Our Total Telephony Support service provides clients with the unlimited technical phone support they need.

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Improve productivity

Through accessing the vast array of features that are enabled by Voice over IP and IP based phones. Some examples are virtual dual office functionality and conference calling. The virtual office functionality alone should increase productivity as it allows flexibility in the location where an employee can work.

Our telephony support includes support of the equipment, administration of the telephone system hardware and software.

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Improve Security

VoIP is probably as secure as traditional telephony and a lot more secure in most cases than your cellphone. We offer regular SIP and SIP TLS service for HIPAA compliance and Cyber Security conscious clients.

Charges are per user and a sinlge user can have upto 4 devices connect to the PBX. Our service comes with installation on all devices, Workstation, Laptop or Smartphone.

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